The "10 + 2" Ten Minute Play Festival, conceived by New York Collective for the Arts and produced with the cooperation of the Pingry School, featured twelve staged readings of ten-minute plays by rising young playwrights as well as two new works by established dramatists Mark St. Germain and Sunil Kuruvilla. These contemporary, thought provoking, and dynamic plays were presented by up and coming actors and directors in the state-of-the-art Macrae Theater at the Pingry School's new Hostetter Center for the Arts in Martinsville, NJ.

The three-day workshop was an artistic success with many of the authors fine-tuning their plays over the weekend for the Sunday performance that was well-attended and well-received. The collection of New York actors and actresses swept the audience along as they brought the visions of these talented playwrights to life. NYCollective Theatre looks forward to continuing our partnership with The Pingry School next year with a new bill of relevant short plays.

Participants: Arin Arbus, Josh Barrett, Mike Batistick, Chantal Berman, Jessica Carter, Joelle Carter, Ria Cooper, Mary Dolson, Kevin Dwyer, Mariana Elder, Jay Golon, Thor Grant, Alicia Hogan, Hasani Issa, Allston James, Sanjiv Jhaveri, Greg Keller, Martin Kildare, Gibson Knott, Sunil Kuruvilla, Diane Landers, Vincent Morano, Brad Raider, Scott Reiburn, Stephanie Romankow, J. Anthony Roman, Al Romano, Chessa Ring, Francesca Ring, Justin Ring, Alexis Savino, Alexander Snape, Mark St.Germain, Michael Swift

Production Team: Gibson Knott, Wayne Kasserman, Al Romano, Justin Ring, Vincent Morano, Andy Bates, Earl Bovell, Chantal Berman, David Bunde, Wyatt Kasserman, Jacob Kreeger, Alexander Snape, NYCollective, Pingry Development Office

Special Thanks: Mr. Neiswender, Pingry Alumni & Development Office, Jackie Sullivan , Jane Hoffman, Courtney Reese, Sherrie Calish , The Kasserman Family, The Ring Family, The Knott Family, The Grant Family, The Dwyer Family, The Cooper Family, David Bunde, Pizza Brothers, Jack Cooper's Deli, Al Romano, Corinna Barsan, Earl Bovell, Scott Hirsch, New York Collective Crew

Event made possible through generous funding by:
The Pingry School.
The Hogan Family.
The Kasserman Family.

For information: gknott [at] nycollective.org